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  • 2 hours
  • 250 US dollars
  • ZOOM

Service Description

**✨ Graphic Design 101: Craft Your eFlyer in Just Two Hours! ✨** **Unlock the Power of Visuals for Your Business!** Step into the world of graphic design with our action-packed Graphic Design 101 class, specifically designed for entrepreneurs ready to take their branding to the next level. In just two hours, learn how to create stunning eFlyers that capture attention, convey your message, and drive results. **Why This Class?** - **Tailored for Entrepreneurs:** This isn't just another design course. It's a targeted workshop where you'll learn by doing, creating a professional eFlyer for your business by the end of the session. - **No Experience Necessary:** Starting from scratch? No problem. We'll guide you through the basics of design principles, color theory, and typography to ensure your eFlyer stands out. - **Hands-On Learning:** With real-time guidance from Journae, a seasoned content and design coach, you'll navigate the design process, from concept to completion. Expect personalized tips and feedback that cater to your business needs. - **Tools for Success:** Discover the best graphic design tools and resources that are cost-effective and user-friendly. Whether you're on a budget or looking for premium options, we've got you covered. - **Boost Your Brand:** Learn how to communicate your brand's essence visually. A well-designed eFlyer can elevate your marketing, promote your events or products, and engage your target audience like never before. **Course Highlights:** - **Interactive, Live Session:** Engage in a 2-hour live workshop that's both informative and fun. This is your chance to ask questions, get answers, and interact with peers. - **Design Your Own eFlyer:** Apply what you learn immediately by designing an eFlyer tailored to your business's unique needs and style. - **Expert Insights:** Benefit from Journae's wealth of knowledge in content creation and graphic design. Walk away with actionable skills that you can apply to all your future design projects. See

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